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Supports cognitive function and brain health‡

Hypoallergenic Supplement

Support Memory and Attention


  • Supports memory‡
  • Promotes healthy mitochondrial function and cell membrane stability‡
  • Acetylated form of l-carnitine
  • Offered in two options: 500 mg per capsule and small-size 250 mg per capsule
  • Cellular Energy Support: Acetyl-l-carnitine supports the availability of acetyl-CoA, an important energy-generating metabolite. Acetyl-l-carnitine also supports healthy mitochondrial function and cell membrane stability.
  • Mental Health: The acetyl group from acetyl-l-carnitine is also responsible for the production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for healthy mental functioning.
  • Cognitive Support: Acetyl-l-carnitine supplementation may provide support for healthy cognition and mental functions, including memory and attention.
  • Pure Ingredients: Pure Encapsulations manufactures a line of hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements. Products are meticulously formulated using pure ingredients designed to deliver predictable results for the benefit of all patients, even the most sensitive.*
  • NPN 80086489


Each Capsule Contains:
(N-Acetyl L-carnitine hydrochloride)
425 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients

Vegetarian capsule (hypromellose, water), hypoallergenic plant cellulose, ascorbyl palmitate.


Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian.


Acetyl-l-Carnitine HCl is synthetically derived  


Ages 18 and up 

Suggested Use

Acetyl-l-Carnitine 500 mg

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily, betweenmeals 

Verifiable Science

Acetyl-l-carnitine is the acetylated form of l-carnitine, and the two compounds share similar energy and metabolism promoting properties. Found naturally in the body. Acetyl-l-carnitine supports the availability of acetyl-CoA, an important energy-generating metabolite.1 In addition, it supports healthy mitochondrial function and cell membrane stability.2 A multicenter trial of 481 volunteers indicated memory, behavioural and emotional support with acetyl-l-carnitine supplementation.3 In an evaluation of 28 elderly individuals using acetyl-l-carnitine or placebo, the supplemented group experienced enhanced emotional well-being.4‡ 


If you are pregnant or lactating, have any health condition or are taking any medication, consult your health professional before use.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Legal Disclaimer

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