Advanced Magnesium Complex | AOR™ | 90 or 180 Capsules


Size: 90 Capsules

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Magnesium benefits from four bioavailable forms

For Mood & Nerve Support, Healthy Muscle Function, Bone Health & Sleep Support

Heart Health Cardiovascular Supplement

Magnesium is required for over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body. Advanced Magnesium Complex® is bioavailable formula that combines four sources of magnesium into one comprehensive supplement to ensure the body’s magnesium needs are met. This formula includes Magnesium Aspartate, Magnesium Ascorbate, Magnesium Malate and Magnesium Glycinate. They are most easily metabolized by various systems in the body, and each form provides more benefits than just magnesium alone.

Decreased magnesium levels have been linked with decreased vitamin C levels, which is why magnesium ascorbate is part of this formula. Magnesium glycinate is included as the primary source of magnesium, as it is the gentlest on the digestive tract and won’t cause diarrhea.


  • Contains four bioavailable forms of magnesium, each with its own benefits
  • Helps the body to metabolize nutrients
  • Supports muscle function, bone health and heart health
  • NPN 80050495

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