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Free radicals are molecules which are produced through normal metabolic processes in the body, or by environmental exposures such as smoke, pollution, and radiation.[1] One of the leading causes of cellular breakdown is free radical damage causing oxidative stress and antioxidants are crucial to help protect against these deleterious effects.[1]

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant and its supplementation is effective in maintaining immune function [3,4] and healthy skin,[5] in connective tissue formation,[6] and in the development of bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums.[1] In addition, citrus bioflavonoids derived from citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes are potent antioxidants and in combination with vitamin C can help mitigate oxidative stress.


Ascorbates SAP is designed with a synergistic combination of different buffered mineral salts of ascorbic acid, zinc, selenium, and citrus bioflavonoids that can:

  • Help improve antioxidants status in the body for optimal health.[1,2]
  • Support healthy immune function, improve skin health, and promote development of connective tissue, bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums.[1,3,4,5,6]


Each vegetable capsule contains:
Vitamin C (from vitamin C and ascorbyl palmitate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate, zinc ascorbate, manganese ascorbate, and sodium ascorbate) 387.5 mg
Citrus bioflavonoids 300 mg
Magnesium (from magnesium ascorbate) 10.5 mg
Zinc (from zinc ascorbate) 4.5 mg
Manganese (from manganese ascorbate) 650 mcg
Selenium (from selenomethionine) 25 mcg
NON‑MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide in a capsule composed of vegetable carbohydrate gum and purified water.


Contains no:Gluten, soy, wheat, eggs, dairy, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, starch, or sugar.

Directions for use

Adults: Take 2 capsules daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. If you are taking other medications, take this product a few hours before or after them. 


Vitamin C prevents and reduces duration and severity of the common cold: prophylactic vitamin C supplementation is beneficial in individuals undergoing acute physical stress.

Vitamin C improves iron absorption, and is especially important for hemodialysis patients.

Citrus bioflavonoids exhibit anti-inflammatory activity via inhibition of the synthesis and biological activities of different pro-inflammatory mediators, mainly the arachidonic acid derivatives, prostaglandins E2, F2, and thromboxane A2, and histamine release from mast cells.

Citrus bioflavonoids prevent the formation of new cancers from carcinogens, by preventing carcinogenic compounds from reaching critical initiation sites, and by facilitating the metabolism of carcinogenic components into less toxic materials and preventing their harmful biological actions.

Together vitamin C and bioflavonoids play a vital role in the health and permeability of capillaries. Bioflavonoids are part of the C complex of vitamins and synergistically enhance their free radical scavenging capabilities. Ascorbates SAP may be used for prevention and management of acute upper respiratory infections, asthma, iron deficiency anemia and hemodialysis-induced iron deficiency, inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular disease and cancer prevention and management, wound healing, capillary fragility and bruising, allergic conditions, and stomach ulcers. 

Increased Bioavailability

Ascorbic acid in Ascorbates SAP is buffered with minerals for enhanced gastric tolerance and extended time-release absorption.


Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Individuals with hypertension or known heart disease must consult a health care professional prior to use of this product. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking any prescription medicine. 

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