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Standalone drug-free device

A peak flow meter is a portable and inexpensive device that is used to measure how well air moves out of your lungs. It provides a reliable means of managing asthma symptoms and can help to prevent an asthma attack and should be a part of your asthma plan.

  • Track your daily PEF (peak expiratory flow) quickly and easily, anywhere
  • Know if your asthma symptoms are worsening, before symptoms cause an exacerbation so you can take appropriate action to bring your asthma back under control

Take control of your asthma

Many people underestimate the severity of their asthma.

Because symptoms can come on slowly, you may not notice increasing limitations on physical activities — limitations that may be accepted as “normal”. This is actually a warning sign that your asthma is not well controlled and can potentially be life threatening.

Peak flow readings track these changes in your lung function and may even help identify triggers aggravating your condition. Taking daily readings with a TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter will help you stay on track with your asthma care. This device allows you to take daily peak flow readings and help you stay on track with your asthma care.

The TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter is easy to use, BPA (bisphenol A) free, lightweight, self-contained and portable. 


  • One-size-fits all: Can be used by either children or adults
  • Color Zone tape: Clearly shows if your asthma is under control or worsening

Use Instructions

Using a TRUZONE* peak flow meter is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3  but you can download our full instructions

Step 1

Visually inspect the device and make sure there are no defects or foreign objects lodged inside. This can be done by lightly blowing into the PFM to see if the yellow indicator moves, then resetting the indicator. Replace IMMEDIATELY if any defect is noticed.

Step 2

To reset the yellow indicator, gently shake the device vertically until it is positioned directly behind the reset diamond.

Step 3

Blow out as hard and as fast as possible. The force of the air coming out of your lungs will cause the yellow indicator to move along the numbered scale.


  1. It is easier to remember to take your peak flow reading if you associate it with something you do twice daily, like brushing your teeth or taking your asthma medication
  2. Clean your TRUZONE* PFM before the first use


Your TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter (PFM) should be cleaned weekly.

You may also safely clean your TRUZONE* PFM using the normal cycle on the top rack of the dishwasher. Cleaning with overly dirty dishes is not recommended.

CAUTION: Never disassemble your TRUZONE* PFM or place it in boiling water.

  1. Soak the device in warm soapy water, agitating gently. Do not use a brush or other object to clean the inside.

  2. Rinse gently with clean water.

  3. Gently shake out excess water and allow to air dry thoroughly in a vertical position

What is a Peak Flow Meter (PFM)?

A Peak Flow Meter (PFM) is a tool you can use to check how your lungs are doing – to help determine whether you should take your medication or perhaps call your doctor. Just as a thermometer can measure body temperature and give you an indication of a fever, a TRUZONE* peak flow meter measures Peak Expiratory Flow – the fastest speed you can force air from your lungs after taking a deep breath which is a measurement of your lung health. Peak Expiratory Flow readings are higher when you are well and lower when airways are constricted. 

What is a 'normal' Peak Flow Rate?

Normal Peak Flow Rates vary based on sex, age and height.

These numbers are for reference only since individuals could have a personal best peak flow rate number that may be higher or lower than the average.

Why use a TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter?

Many people underestimate the severity of their asthma. Some may even accept daily symptoms as a ‘normal’ part of asthma. The fact is that daily symptoms are not normal and can be potentially life threatening. Variations in peak flow trends can signal the patient to implement his or her asthma management plan and can alert physicians to adjust treatments to prevent emergency room visits or hospitalizations. Conversely, use of a peak flow meter is also helpful when trying to reduce medications for patients whose asthma is under control.

Who Should Use a TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter?

Anyone 5 and older with asthma could benefit from using a TRUZONE* peak flow meter, as the daily readings can help you and your healthcare professional understand how well your asthma program is working. Your doctor may even make changes to your medications and therapy program based on your peak flow readings, as it may identify changes, trends or patterns in your respiratory symptoms.

Peak flow meters can be helpful for:
People who have trouble sensing the onset of symptoms
Parents who want to monitor the lung health of their children
Anyone who is newly diagnosed with asthma

How does TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter differ from other peak flow meters?

The TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter differs from other peak flow meters in several significant ways: the TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter ColorZone™ zone management system does not require the patient to make mathematical calculations to establish patient zones, and its logarithmic rather than linear scale simplifies the reading and recording of peak expiratory flow rates at critical low flow areas. In addition, the TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter features a protected internal flow indicator to prevent tampering and any inadvertent changes to peak flow readings.

Where can I buy a TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter?

TRUZONE® Peak Flow Meter is available at many pharmacy counter in pharmacies across Canada or can be purchased on this website. See "add to cart" above.

Where can I download another daily record?

You can print another daily record at any time. Download now

Is the TRUZONE® Peak Flow Meter dishwasher safe?

The TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter can be cleaned using the normal cycle of a dishwasher or by hand. To wash by hand, soak the device in warm soapy water, agitating gently. Do not use a brush or other object to clean the inside. Rinse with clean water. Gently shake out excess water and allow to air dry thoroughly in a vertical position.

How often should I clean the TRUZONE® Peak Flow Meter?

The device should be cleaned weekly.

Should I replace the TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter?

Yes, the device should be replaced every 12 months.

Does the TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter "expire"?

No, but we recommend the device be replaced every 12 months.

If I believe my TRUZONE* Peak Flow Meter is not working properly, can I return it?

Yes, the device can be returned to the pharmacy where you purchased the device so that the pharmacist can examine the device. If the device is not working properly, the pharmacist should give you a replacement device and return it to the respective distribution centre.

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