Limonen-E | Vita Aid® | 28 Servings: 30 mL



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Vitamin E (from alpha-d-tocopheryl acetate)

Source of Antioxidants

D-limonene has been shown to support healthy digestion by aiding the muscle tone of the LES. It also has been shown to be effective in relieving occasional heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD).


  • NPN 80052226

  • Source of Antioxidant Ingredient (per 24 drops)


Ingredient (per 24 drops): (28 servings)
Vitamin E (from alpha-d-tocopheryl acetate)…..2.4 IU

Non-medicinal Ingredients

D-limonene (from Citrus sinensis) (peel)

Suggested Use

Take 24 drops daily on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

Direction of Use

Take indicated dosage (24 drops) directly into your mouth on an empty stomach and washing it down with 1-2 sips of water. This way, all of the desired dosage is ingested and not too diluted.


Some people may experience tingling sensation; in which case, take it with water.

Important Disclaimer about VitaAid® line of products

All products from "Vita Aid" can only be sold to consumers if it was a direct referral from a health care practitioner or the consumer can provide proof of prescription of his/her health care practitioner.

Legal Disclaimer

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